Hypnotized by-

-you and the pills

19 July
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I'm 16, im a Junior at CHS. I hang out with people all the time, I'm interested in joining the Air Force, My true love is lost in my mind, I like techo, house, happy hardcore, and trance...I also like rap, pop, and SOME country. I enjoy walking and partying. I live to be noticed, and I thrive to be loved. I like intimate situations with certain people. And I just love bein' me and chillin' with friends. I love hangin' out with all my raver buddies. I am ususally easy to get along with, and i seem to be a "slut" or atleast thats what im told by all the people that DON'T know me. Everyone that does know me know's im not a slut or anythign close to a slut. I HATE being judged. especially by people who dont know me. If you know me then i dont care as much. but it still pisses me off. i drink more than i should...and i've been told that i dont smoke enough. I also hate hypicrates...like the ones that call people posers, then go about being someone they aren't...hello..ah. people